SEN Program

As a company that values the power of music for all people, Academy of Rock has branched out to use music to bring a positive impact on people from all walks of life.

After having a number of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), members of staff recognized that music could help guide and enhance the life experience of children with SEN.

Following these experiences, Academy of Rock's founders decided to pursue this further by engaging teachers at the school to attend a Child & Educational Seminar with Dr. Bimal, with some teachers also receiving specialized SEN Music Education Training in London and Singapore.

In 2017, Academy of Rock collaborated with the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to develop a program which is currently ongoing, with students gaining a full musical experience from our skilled trainers. With many future collaborations planned, it is clear that Academy of Rock will continue to enjoy bringing musical education to all who can benefit from it.

Music Motivates


Music is a

Music is a Multi-Sensory Experience
Music is Non-Verbal

Music is

Music Helps
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 Music Helps You Bond
Music is Non-Verbal

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