The AOR History

Academy of Rock started in 2007, and is the award-winning pioneer Rock and Pop music school in Singapore dedicated to teaching contemporary music. The founder noticed a surplus and bias towards classical music education and a lack of proper contemporary music education in the industry. She wanted to give contemporary musicians opportunities to grow in their careers beyond performing. She saw in the potential of the latter, believing that it was different, a more modern and open approach to learning music.

Since then, Academy of Rock has made its mark on the industry and continues to improve its services and curriculum while initiating new ideas and approaches to teaching contemporary music. The school has gone from offering examinations to developing its own syllabus, to providing students with platforms to perform, progress academically and even record their own original works. Additionally, with the introduction of AOR Studios, the curriculum has expanded to include creative music production courses and songwriting and rap classes, collaborating with local and international popular artists.

With the continued growth and innovation of the team, Academy of Rock hopes to establish itself as a global institution to give a platform for both students and staff to excel in their craft.

Key Milestones

  • 2010

    1. First overseas training for teachers
    2. Launch of AOR Outreach Program
  • 2011

    1. 2011 Concert- ‘Nothings’ Gonna Stop Us Now’
    2. Launch of AOR Branding Guidelines
  • 2012

    1. SPBA Awards 2012: Promising Brand, Overall Winner
    2. SME 500 Awards 2012
    3. AOR Franchise: Philippines
    4. The AOR Music Store
    5. The AOR Syllabus
  • 2013

    1. SMEs Asia Award 2013
    2. 2013 Concert – ‘Rock with Heart’
    3. NYE Countdown Show 2013 @ Marina Barrage, Singapore
  • 2014

    1. Geneva International Star for Quality Award 2015
    2. AOR Franchise: Yangon, Myanmar
    3. Release of AOR Syllabus Books
    4. Master Class by Snarky Puppy
  • 2015

    1. Launch of AOR Studios
    2. Guthrie Govan Masterclass
    3. Larnell Lewis Masterclass
  • 2016

    1. Noam Lederman appointed principle of AOR
    2. AOR Franchise: Mandalay, Myanmar
    3. First student exchange from China
    4. Benny Greb Masterclass
    5. All teachers certified by Child Protection Training (UK)
  • 2017

    1. Singing with ICMP, London, UK
    2. Planned launch of AOR Examination system
    3. AOR Beyond
    4. Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award 2017
    5. 10 Year Anniversary Concert
  • 2018

    1. Launch of Jungle Jam Toddler Program
    2. Plan to offer higher education classes

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